Vaporub isn't just for colds! Check out these amazing additional uses!

It'll be a while before winter returns. Nonetheless, it can't hurt to take out the good old Vicks Vaporub from the medicine cabinet even when it's sunny out. The ointment is a useful aid even when you don't have a cold. Here is a list of 4 other applications of this versatile medicine.

1. Ear pain

Dunking a cotton ball in Vaporub and inserting it into the affected ear (not too far, obviously) can help alleviate ear pain. A piece of tape can hold the cotton ball in place. The remedy eases pain from infections and helps with the healing process.

2. Ticks

In order to get rid of ticks that have implanted themselves on you, you can rub Vaporub on the spot. The bloodsucker should release its grip and fall off on its own. Whatever you do, don't forcefully pull the tick out because you could end up with only its head inside you and that will be even harder to remove, not to mention increase the chance of infection.

Tick Removal

3. Stretch marks

Vaporub can alleviate or even help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy when applied regularly.

4. Quicker effect

The next time you do come down with a cold, try rubbing a thick layer of Vaporub over the soles of your feet before you go to sleep. Then put your socks on and let the Vaporub absorb overnight. Many substances are absorbed more quickly by the body via the feet. And as a bonus, the ointment will also soften your feet while you sleep.


So, as you can see, it's worth it to have Vicks Vaporub around all year, not just during cold and flu season. You never know when it might come in handy!

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