What tattoos mean depending on the body part

They seem to be everywhere nowadays: the more you look around you, the more people you see sporting a tattoo. Despite their increasing popularity, however, tattoos usually have a special meaning to the people brave enough to get them. And it's not just about the design: you can actually tell a lot about a person just by the parts of their body he or she has tattooed. 


1. The face 


Face tattoos can be pretty impressive. People who tattoo their faces often do it as an act of rebellion against conventional social norms. Whatever the reason behind them, it certainly takes a strong personality to put up with the curious and sometimes even disapproving stares a face tattoo will almost inevitably "invite." 

2. Behind the ear 


Compared to the face tattoo, this one is more sober, also because it can be disguised behind long hair. However, that doesn't mean it's any less meaningful. Usually, tattoos behind the ear are a tribute to someone or a memento of a special moment. This kind of tattoo is usually small in size, but big on symbolism. 

3. The nape 


A tattoo here is very sensual and mysterious, and like the tattoo behind the ear it's also easy to hide. That means it can be shown only to someone very close, someone its owner trusts. The nape is the perfect body part to sport an intimate and precious tattoo you don't want to share with everyone. 

4. The shoulder, arm and forearm


The arms and shoulders are by far the most popular spots to have tattooed. They are perfect for those tattoos you want to show to the world and are usually a sign of belonging to a bigger group or community. When it comes to tattoos on these body parts, the sky is the limit! Arms are also the best body part to give way to your rebellious side but all within bounds, as they can also be covered up.

5. The finger


Tattoo artists often refuse to tattoo hands, and for good reason: unless you plan on wearing gloves all your life, it's impossible to hide them! So if you are considering getting your hands tattooed, it might be a good idea to think it over. This is also probably why people with tattooed hands tend not to care about the opinion of others. Most of the time, because of the lack of space, finger or hand tattoos are purely aesthetic and not so figurative.

6. The ribs 


Tattoos made on the ribs mean they are also close to the heart and stomach. That is why for most people they convey a more emotional message. Tattoos here are often tributes to loved ones the owner would like to keep close forever.

7. The back 


The back is the best canvas for large pieces. People with back tattoos often opt for pure aesthetics over meaning. That does not mean that a back tattoo doesn't carry any kind of message, but the rule is form over substance. Back tattoos are also famously a statement of sensuality.

8. The thigh and calf


Contrary to what you might think, tattoos on the thighs and calves are not meant to be sexy. Tattoos here are often big and can make a person's leg look like a real work of art. Like the arms, tattoos here can also be covered up, so they are preferred by those wanting to give in to their rebel side but who would not be confident enough to go for a tattoo on the face or neck, for example.

9. The ankle and foot 


The ankles and feet connect our bodies to the ground. Tattoos here are usually very sensual and often a symbol of sweetness and femininity. In general, they are figurative drawings of birds, fish or flowers.

No matter where a tattoo is, it almost always carries a message and can reveal a lot about which aspect of someone's personality they are more willing to flaunt or are more in tune with. So pay more attention to the people around you and start to unlock the mysteries hidden behind their tattoos!

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