These two things will make your partner cheat on you

For some people, even harmless flirting is considered cheating. For others, cheating only occurs when a partner ends up in bed with someone else. But the fact is, the person who is cheated on usually suffers extremely when the truth comes to light and it's the cause of many breakups. So why do people cheat? Researchers have taken a closer look at this question...

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A study conducted at Harvard University has identified two major factors that can indicate a tendency to being unfaithful. Social psychologist Christine Ma-Kellams and her team investigated two study groups to reveal the connection between physical attractiveness and the duration of the romantic relationship.

The researchers gave the first group the impression that they were particularly good-looking. The other group was made to feel that they weren't physically attractive. Then they showed both groups photos of physically unattractive people who were approximately the same age as they were. The participants were asked to rate the people in the photos according to their attractiveness.

The results showed that the people in the good-looking group gave the people in the photos higher attractiveness ratings. This effect was increased in cases where the test subjects were unhappy in their current relationship. In contrast, the subjects in the unattractive group tended to give the people in the photos lower attractiveness ratings.

The study also showed that people who were considered physically attractive when they graduated from high school had gone through more breakups and divorces in the following 10 to 20 years than their unattractive counterparts. The researchers concluded that physical attractiveness was one of the key factors in predicting unfaithfulness.

The second key factor was the level of satisfaction with the current relationship. As anyone would guess, people who are in unhappy relationships tend to cheat more often.


The results seem almost painfully obvious. It stands to reason that if a person is physically attractive, he or she will probably have more opportunities to be unfaithful. And when these people are not happy in their current relationship, it's no surprise that they take advantage of those opportunities.

If you want to prevent your partner from cheating on you, be sure to put some work into the relationship and show them you care. Deal with problems and disagreements before it's too late by speaking openly about things. The only way to maintain a strong and healthy relationship is to communicate with and have respect for the person you love.



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